Hello! I'm an ex-startup exec and a former management consultant who helped grow several small and medium sized businesses. I now focus on two key ventures: 1) buying and building small businesses and 2) providing consulting services to fuel growth initiatives. Let's connect.

A Bit About Me

  • I grew up in the Midwest, hustling since I was a kid mowing lawns. My Dad was a small business owner and entrepreneur.

  • I graduated from Notre Dame (B.A) and Georgetown University (M.S).

  • My background includes 20+ years of experience in business and management consulting.

  • I've helped grow several startups and mid-market businesses. My skill set encompasses strategy, marketing, business development, finance, and operations. I’ve managed teams from 3 to 70 people.

  • A few experiences:

  • -- Part of the deal team that acquired a business, served as General Manager & grew profitability to $5M EBITDA

  • -- Led Marketing & Business Development for 2 startups to exit

  • -- Helped grow revenue for companies from $0 to $1M $10 to $15M, and $2 to $80M